Pharos Excimer Laser

The Pharos is a powerful, monochromatic, xenon-chlorine, 308-nm UVB excimer laser for the treatment of difficult-to-treat, chronic diseases including psoriasis and vitiligo. It is non-thermal and non-ablative, and treatments are painless.

Pharos proprietary handpiece features an integrated adjustable spot size (continuously adjustable from 3.24 cm2 to 2 mm round with constant fluence) and aiming beam that accurately targets only the diseased tissue while protecting the healthy skin from exposure. By gently sliding the finger-switch, the laser beam is easily contoured to match the size and shape of the plaque for fast and precisely targeted treatments with constant fluence. No templates or attachments are required. Its flat-top, no hot-spot beam profile delivers uniform dosing for optimal results.

The Pharos is small enough for any treatment room and is intuitive to use.


Please contact Henk-Peter Oonk


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