diVa, the latest innovation developed by Sciton, expands the broad range of JOULE™ platform capabilities to address a woman’s most intimate challenges. This new modality utilizes the revolutionary Hybrid Laser Technology developed for Halo™, the world’s first and only Hybrid Fractional Laser (HFL), to treat the vaginal tissue so that women can feel more like their younger, vital selves.


Every woman is unique and so are her vaginal problems. Aging, childbirth, menopause, hysterectomy, chemotherapy, or activities like breast-feeding may lead to reduced estrogen production by the ovaries and leads to thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls. diVa treats conditions like Stress Urinary Incontinence, Vulvo Vaginal Atrophy, Dyspareunia, Vaginal Lubrication, Orgasm & Vaginal Laxity.

diVa laser

diVa allows you to customize the levels of ablation and coagulation to tailor the treatment to address your patients intimate challenges and deliver desired results with no downtime. diVa Technology consists of three parts:

  1. diVa delivers two laser therapies at once for an effective and synergistic effect. The first ablative laser, with a wavelength of 2940nm, deeply resurfaces the layers of the vaginal wall, replacing it with brand new, healthy tissue. The second laser, with a wavelength of 1470nm, heats the layers of the tissue where collagen exists. This results in a tightening effect.
  2. High Precision Automation. The highly accurate motorized control system allows providers to deliver the treatment with increased consistency, limited user variability, and decreased procedure time. HPA technology ensures treatments are uniform, predictable, fast and safe for every patient.
  3. The single-use Strengthened Quartz Dilator (SQD) consists of a quartz tip that remains stationary to expand and flatten the vaginal tissue for a uniform treatment. As the hand piece is rotated through the treatment area, pulses are delivered through a new section of quartz to ensure laser efficiency. The SQD removes the need to clean the handpiece, which reduces the risk of cross contamination and shortens the downtime between treatments.


diVa is designed to provide comfortable, fast and easy treatments. One procedure takes three to five minutes to treat the full length of a vaginal canal. Patients may need between one to three procedures spaced every four weeks apart, followed by one treatment once a year.

Clinical studies

Clinical studies show:

  • minimal downtime
  • no adverse events
  • 92% reported expectations were met
  • 85% would recommend diVa (NB 100% on REALSELF)


Johnny J. Peet, MD, FACOG

‘’With the addition of diVa, we have a new solution to improve self-esteem and quality of life for our patients. So many of our patients can benefit from this type of treatment. They are now coming forward, being treated and are ecstatic about the results.’’

Lionel Meadows, MD, FACOG, FAACS

Many patients young and old ask me daily if there is a nonsurgical, non-hormonal solution to improve the quality of their vaginal tissue. I can now confidently recommend diVa.’’

Jaime, patient (44)

"I feel confident and sexy — and my husband, he loves it! He can’t even believe that a treatment could do something like this." - Jaime, 44


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