bo medical technologies is the official representative of Labaratoires Vivacy SA from Paris, France. We distribute the Stylage portfolio in the Benelux (the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg).

Stylage® (hyaluronic acid) injectable with antioxidant and lidocaine, by Laboratoires Vivacy in Paris, is the fastest growing hyaluronic acid filler on the French market thanks to several unique characteristics. Treatment with Stylage causes less redness and swelling than other injectables thanks to the addition of Mannitol. Mannitol neutralizes the hydroxyl radicals that are released during the intradermal injection.


  • Making fine lines invisible
  • Improving facial contours
  • More volume in the lips

Unique IPN technology

IPN is short for Interpenetrated Network; in this case, interprenetation (interweaving) of the cross-linked hyaluronic acid molecules. This ensures:

  • Optimal density and long-term effect
  • Partial independence of hyaluronic acid networks results in easy injection and administration in the skin.
  • Viscosity is adjusted to the depth of the wrinkle. Stylage XXL provides the most volume and elasticity. 

Advantages for practitioners

  • Easy to inject with fine needles
  • Suited for injection using a cannula, must be injected slower
  • Easy to massage afterwards (reshaping)

Advantages for patients

  • Less side-effects (such as redness and swelling) compared to other fillers 
  • High-quality and safe product
  • Affordable treatment
  • View before and after photos

Ergonomic glass injection needle

Laboratoires Vivacy has completely revamped the injection needle by developing a complete new design. The advantages are:

  • Shorter, better control
  • Latex-free
  • Glass needle, minimal friction between plunger and glass thanks to anti-tempering

The aforementioned is expressed in the results of a clinical trial carried out by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and cosmetic physicians in 96 patients. The Stylage injection scored 9.1 out of 10 in terms of operation and injection ease. Patients tolerated Stylage exceptionally well. Practitioners and patients gave Stylage high scores, even after 1 year! View the complete study results

Bi-SOFT; a new injection delivery system

In 2018, VIVACY introduces Bi-SOFT®, a next-generation patented injection delivery system that reinvents the concept of a traditional syringe. The new device has a unique design and provides greater precision, comfort and control to the physician during injection of Stylage. Read more about Bi-SOFT.

Stylage range

Stylage product range Stylage is available in seven versions, each with a specific application. The table below provides a complete overview of our Stylage S, Stylage M, Stylage L, Stylage XL, Stylage XXL, Lips and Hydromax.

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