Juvapen is designed for physicians to provide perfect botulinum toxin injections. Thanks to unparalleled precision and ease of use, the Juvapen offers a whole new range of applications for botulinum toxin. Juvapen offers patients more comfort by significantly reducing pain and side effects. They love it: 98% satisfaction rate with Juvapen injections! So why not give your patients an overall better experience?

Up to 20 times more accurate than manual injections

Juvapen provides perfect accuracy for improved safety, comfort of use and better results. Easily inject micro-doses in difficult injections sites and avoid the risk of overdosage.

The device 

The cordless injection system is compact en light (36g) en compatible with all botulinum toxin brands available in the market and 1ml syringes. It features 6 pre-set doses (0.0125ml to 0.080ml).

Satisfied doctors

"The future of injections is the Juvapen, because it is more precise, more efficient and therefore will deliver predictable results." DR. LIPP Dermatologist - Düsseldorf

"I use Juvapen every day. Patients love it: far less painful and a more relaxing experience compared to regular syringes. I personally ADORE it: more precision, perfect reproducibility even on microdosage and a softer experience for patients." DR. RASPALDO Aesthetic surgeon - Cannes

Advantages of Juvapen

  • Accuracy: microdoses possible
  • Comfort of use
  • Product saving: avoid unwanted overdose
  • No touch-up 
  • Less side effects and less pain
  • Safe for doctor and patient


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