V Soft lift


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V Soft Lift History

Some of todays leading anti-ageing products where previously used in the medical field. Threads were first used to correct facial paralysis. With time studies revealed a mechanical induced skin tension and a stimulation of fibroblasts to natural...


V Soft Lift References

Middleton, J.; A. Tipton (March 1998). "Synthetic biodegradable polymers as medical devices". Medical Plastics and Biomaterials Magazine. Retrieved 2007-02-12. Boland, Eugene D., Coleman Branch D., Barnes Catherine P., Simpson David G., Wnek Gary E...


V Soft Lift testimonials

“V Soft has revolutionised my practice. V Soft lifts the face, creates new volume and improves skin quality. No other treatment does so much for the patient, lasts so long and is such a pleasure to perform.” Dr Elisabeth Dancey, UK “I am so happy...


V Soft Lift

A MONOFILAMENT ABSORBABLE THREAD V Soft Lift® is a PDO thread to be inserted into the subdermal tissue for temporary support of the face and body. It is a less invasive treatment than surgical methods and one that offers better results than lasers...


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