HALO wint award: Beste Anti Aging Treatment

Onze Halo laser is de eerste en enige Hybrid Fractional Laser (HFL) ter wereld. In november 2016 benoemde MyFaceMyBody de Halo laser als "Best Anti Aging Treatment." tijdens de 2016 MyFaceMyBody Award.

Lees hieronder het officiële persbericht:

Sciton®, a leading manufacturer of high-quality laser and light systems in the medical market, is thrilled to announce that its Halo™ technology has been presented with the 2016 MyFaceMyBody Award for Best Anti Aging Treatment.

Regarded as the "Beauty Industry Oscars." the internationally respected MyFaceMyBody Awards recognize the best of the best in cosmetics and aesthetics. It is the only consumer awards event dedicated to the aesthetic industry, honoring brands for their product innovation and popularity. Chosen among a competitive landscape of outstanding aesthetic companies, Halo earned the prestigious anti-aging category for its industry-leading innovation in non-invasive skin solutions.

HALO is the world's first laser that targets several levels of skin at once, addressing multiple aging issues at the same time. The hybrid fractional laser combines an ablative and non-ablative wavelength to treat the deep and superficial layers of skin. A single treatment improves a vast array of aging concerns from overall tone, texture and pigment irregularities to pore size. There's minimal downtime and patients can apply makeup and return to work the very next day.

"Patients love Halo because they get phenomenal glowing skin with little to no downtime," said Rick Mendez, Vice President of Global Marketing for Sciton. "We are honored that Halo has been recognized, but the real credit goes to the hundreds of physicians who have adopted this amazing technology."

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