bo medical technologies engages in exclusive distribution and sales of cosmedical technology. We look at cosmetic care from a medical perspective and seek products whose effects are beyond dispute and published in leading medical journals. The portfolio consists of breakthrough devices and products for dermatologists and plastic surgeons.  

Contributions to developments

bo medical wants to contribute to society in general and to the well-being of people in particular in a socially responsible manner. That is why bo medical is actively looking for new product concepts and distribution means in order to contribute to the accessibility and availability of cosmetic care in the Benelux. In order to stimulate developments in the cosmetic sector, we sponsor various organizations and professional associations:

Our customer approach

We provide our customers with service on various levels. In addition to clinical support, we provide our customers with advice about marketing and the use of social media. For this purpose we employ various experts. We also regularly organize workshops and training at our locations.

For us, service does not end at delivery, but rather we view service in the long term. Customers are business partners: not just with the first order but for the coming years.

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